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Collaborating with Government leaders across the spectrum: Federal, State, Local, DoD, IC, Coalition Forces, NATO... Providing unbiased, operationally relevant IT development, delivery, and acquisition advisory.

Collaborating with Academia and National Labs. Leveraging the most advanced relevant operational research throughout the US.


At CTE Center for Research…

CTE is committed to providing a framework from within which US industry, government and academia can establish a collaborative Trust in technological research, development, and verification for operational relevancy. We strive to increase and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Literacy (STEM-L) awareness and understanding throughout the country.
In keeping with this vision, the CTE organization has entered into a collaborative association with the U.S. Dream Academy to offer youth who live in high risk communities throughout the nation hands-on learning opportunities that increase and enhance their STEM proficiency and literacy in multiple fields. Our goal is to touch all the communities in which we are present by fostering a transformation environment and advanced understanding of today's and tomorrow's "art of the possible." As a Non-profit STEM-L organization, CTE Center for Research encourages participation of community leaders and of leadership throughout industry, academia, and government.

“What we achieve within the Art of the Possible is dependent upon the framework from within which we build,
and the Collaborative Trust inherent in the development cycles we choose to implement.” 

Collaborating with Industry's most advanced solution providers. Optimizing technological research and development through test and verification.


CTE Center for Research: A Non-profit STEM-L Organization